Management can be confusing

  • Meetings seem like they go well but things don’t change

  • Employee communication isn’t always effective but losing your composure makes your job harder

  • You’re giving it everything you’ve got but less talented managers are getting your promotions

Live the life you deserve by becoming a superstar manager!

"You need the Atomic 323 Management Promotion System"


This free video training is full of real life examples of the most common managerial issues - and their solutions - so you can:

  • Stop in-fighting and develop supercharged teams

  • Become the “go-to” manager your own bosses turn to for ideas and advice

  • Hit your goals, earn that bonus, and create the financial lifestyle you’ve been working toward


3 Career-Killing Management Mistakes and their Antidotes will show you:

  • The 5 strategies you can use to stop yourself from losing your cool (and their respect)

  • The best technique I’ve seen in 30 years to confront an employee while still preserving the personal relationship

  • How you can use the Forcefield to get your team excited about solving a problem

"I had the pleasure of starting out my sales career with Mike as my division manager. Especially as a new rep, I faced some challenges that I felt I wasn’t prepared for and that he was never afraid of addressing. We broke difficult situations down and went after them together as a team giving me confidence and experience in order to face future challenges on my own. He believed in personal development and product training, never denying anything that would benefit a growing, successful career. I always felt like I had someone in my corner and the only way I could fail is if I didn’t believe in myself as much as he did. I believe Mike will be successful no matter what he decides to do in life because he has the drive to do so."

Jessica Wines
Packaging and Facilities Supplies Account Manager at Veritiv

"I have worked with and admire the change management skill of Mike Burke. Mike has the ability to help teams define a path to the future, determine stakeholders and action plans, and most importantly execute the master plan. His positive attitude in a change environment is contagious. If your business plans require significant change, Mike Burke can help you make it become a reality."

Mike Feenan
Michael Feenan Vice President - INCO North America at Essity formerly SCA Personal Care

Live the life you deserve by becoming a superstar manager!


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